Lighting design


Our lighting design department will help you in planning and realizing your lighting system:

Site inspection

Determination of the light technical requirements

Assistance in selection of ligting class

• Lighting calculation according to valid standards

Consideration of light pollution

Optimized energy consumption

Our photometric laboratory offers state-of-the-art

measuring equipment that satisfies the most recent

requirements according to CIE. These photometric devices have specially been designed for the measurement of LEDs. The laboratory has two integrating spheres, a goniophotometer and a IES-compatible 15 m black room, as well as a series of analysis devices including a control room.

The goniophotometer is used for photometric measurement of light emitted by light sources and also complete luminaires up to a size of 900 x 1800 mm according to the standards B-Beta and C-Gamma covering a range from 0.01 lux to 100,000 lux with utmost precision. The determined IES data usually required by lighting designers are edited in different formats.

The control room contains two integrating spheres with respectively 2.0 m and 0.5 m of diameter and the complete evaluation electronics. The smaller of the integrating spheres is used for the measurement of colour temperatures, electrical data and luminosity of even the smallest LED light sources, modules and LED components. The larger integrating sphere is used for measurement of LED bulbs, tubular fluorescent lamps, LED tubes, street lights, floodlights, etc. The following parameters can be measured, evaluated and assessed in our photometric laboratory:

luminous flux

luminous intensity



colour temperature

colour locus


angle of beam

radiation characteristics